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I’m sure you’re curious to dive into my code and see what I’m made of so, I present to you, my code. Most everything is on my GitHub but below are a few hand chosen samples to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to lately.

WordPress Data Search

This is a simple plugin to store and search through arbitrary data. It was both an exercise in PHP PSR-4, PHP 7.4, etc and a simple plugin I built for a friend. It uses Composer and follows the PSR-4 autoloading standards for PHP.

WordPress Code Manager

 This is a plugin I built to showcase code on my old portfolio. It doesn’t quite work with the design of this more minimalist portfolio but the code is still solid. The standards are more in line with PHP 5.3 so no composer or PSR-4 here but it allows you to add posts of custom post type “code” and add a special documentation section, screenshots, a description and a downloadable code linked to an item in your WP media library.